Da Love-Ananda

“Love-Ananda”, or “Da Love-Ananda”, is the primary Name by which Avatar Adi Da Samraj was known publicly from 1986 until 1990.

On January 11, 1986, a profound Yogic event took place in Avatar Adi Da Samraj’s Body. The particular “Siddhi”—or Divine Power—that had enabled Him to Work with His devotees in the manner of His Teaching Years disappeared, and was replaced by a universally magnified Siddhi of Divine Blessing. Adi Da Samraj appeared physically to die, before spontaneously reanimating the body in a different way, in a Love response to beings on earth. He now fully Descended as the Divine Person into His human vehicle.

Now known as the initial moment of His Divine Self- “Emergence”, this event precipitated a great change in Avatar Adi Da’s Work. That year He assumed sannyas, or formal renunciation, in the manner of the Hindu tradition. He put on the traditional orange clothing, wore His hair in the top-knot characteristic of a sannyasin, and took a new name, “Swami Da Love-Ananda”.

“Love-Ananda” was a name that Swami Muktananda (one of Avatar Adi Da’s Spiritual teachers) had offered to Him in 1969, but which Avatar Adi Da had never formally used.

Though it is no longer His primary Name, “Love-Ananda” is still an appropriate reference to Avatar Adi Da. It expresses, in one word, the Revelation begun on January 11: the “Love” that had drawn Him down to the toes in His Embrace of the body, and “Ananda”, the Bliss, the Joy of the God-State, which was His Gift to all.