Da Kalki

Adi Da Samraj took the Name “Da Kalki” in 1990 and 1991.

According to the Krishna tradition of Hinduism, cosmic history has already witnessed the appearance of nine Avatars of Vishnu, but the tenth and completing Avatar remains to come. He is named “Kalki” and will appear in the terrible era of the Kali Yuga, when God has been forgotten, heroically conquering the forces of darkness and restoring all to the Divine Condition.

In 1990, a devotee sent Adi Da a gift of a Kalki medallion he had acquired in India. Simultaneously, another devotee sent Beloved Adi Da an explanation of the Kalki tradition, and praised Him as the true and final Avatar, the Divine Liberator Who Fulfills the Kalki prophecy in this present dark and godless age. Avatar Adi Da Graciously Received this gift of acknowledgement from His devotees and accepted “Da Kalki” as His principal Name.

However, as devotees gradually found out more about the Kalki tradition, we came to feel that the Name “Da Kalki” was not a fully right representation of Avatar Adi Da. Kalki was already associated with a particular tradition of Hindu mythology. Also, the typical portrayal of Kalki in this tradition is in political, and even aggressive, terms.

Therefore, in 1991, Avatar Adi Da accepted the Name “Avabhasa”, and He confirmed that, while the impulse behind the offering of the Name “Da Kalki” had been entirely right, some of its associations were, indeed, not appropriate in a Name for Him.