Da Avabhasa

“Da Avabhasa” was the primary Name used in public by Avatar Adi Da Samraj from 1991 through 1994.

In 1991, Avatar Adi Da was presented with a song praising Him as “Avabhasa”. Avatar Adi Da Received the words of this song as an acknowledgment of Who He Is, indicating, on the last day of April 1991, that He accepted “Da Avabhasa” as one of His True Names, and the principal Name by which He was to be called. Though it is no longer used as His primary Name, “Da Avabhasa” is still an appropriate reference to Avatar Adi Da.

“Avabhasa” in Sanskrit means “brightness”, “appearance”, “lustre”, “light”, “knowledge”. The root of the word is “bhas” (with a long “a”) which means “to radiate”, “to become manifest”, “to come forth”, “to shine”, “to beam”, “to be resplendent or brilliant”, “to show oneself”, “to appear”. The first syllable “ava” is the same as that of “Avatar”, and it means “to descend”. Thus the complete word “avabhasa” means “shining towards”, “shining down”, “shining upon”, or “showing oneself”.

Thus, the Name “Da Avabhasa”, expresses the original Divine Nature of Adi Da and His Descent into the world. He is the “Bright”, the Divine Condition of Love-Bliss-Light that He fully enjoyed in His infancy. His “Brightness” is the Radiance of Amrita Nadi, the Current of Immortal Bliss that rose up in Him after His Divine Re-Awakening. And His “Brightness” is also the All-Consuming Fire of His Divine State.