Completing Revealer

All traditions and Realizers have spoken of going beyond the ego and Realizing the Truth. However, previous to Avatar Adi Da’s Incarnation, there was no completely definitive understanding of how the ego operates in all dimensions of existence—physical, emotional, mental, psychic, and even (in the most exalted and profound Spiritual attainments) when the being seems to have dissolved into Pure Divine Consciousness.

In His Revelation of how to completely understand and utterly transcend the ego, Avatar Adi Da has literally “cracked the code” that completes, or fulfills, all of the religious and Spiritual searches of humanity throughout history. He has Revealed, in great detail, how the process of Divine Enlightenment unfolds in seven stages. He Himself is the unique Revealer of the seventh stage of life, and He has made the seventh stage Realization (or Divine Enlightenment) possible for all beings.

This absolutely perfect offering has never been made before. However, this great statement about Avatar Adi Da’s uniqueness is not something to be merely believed. Rather, each person is invited to discover the truth of this statement for himself or herself, by studying Avatar Adi Da’s Writings, seeing and hearing His Discourses on video and audio, reading the great story of His Life and Work—and, through all these means, feeling His Heart-Transmission to a greater and greater depth.

A fundamental reason why there has been no Complete Revelation previous to My Own is that there has been no complete understanding of the principle of egoity—and, therefore, egoity itself has, in fact, always been the basis of religion, even esoteric religion. The search, egoity, separateness, the separative motive, the self-contraction itself, has been fundamental to both religious exotericism and religious esotericism, as well as fundamental to ordinary life.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

April 8, 1994


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