Bubba Free John

Avatar Adi Da Samraj was known as “Bubba Free John” from 1973 until 1979.

Avatar Adi Da took this name upon His return from a trip to India in 1973. “Free John” is a rendering of His born name, “Franklin Jones”, and “Bubba”, an affectionate nick-name from Avatar Adi Da’s childhood, means “brother”.

Avatar Adi Da has said that “Bubba Free John” was a name that came to Him spontaneously when He decided to begin the Sacrifice of submitting to the ordinary patterns of humankind for the sake of His Teaching Work. As “Bubba Free John”, Adi Da Samraj became the “brother” of His devotees, extending unreserved friendship to those who came to Him.

During His years as “Bubba”, Avatar Adi Da lived among His devotees and extended Himself to them in every area, passionately involving everyone around Him in the most profound evaluation of every aspect of human and Spiritual life. Always Radiating In His own irresistible Humor and Love, Adi Da Samraj was waiting patiently for His devotees to understand that their Attraction to Him, their beloved Heart-Friend, was their only source of lasting Happiness.