The "Bright" and the "Thumbs"

Avatar Adi Da's Divine Revelation and Spiritual Function has two principal dimensions—the "Bright" and the "Thumbs". Simply put, the "Bright" is Avatar Adi Da's Divine Person, and the "Thumbs" is the Spiritual Means by which He Awakens beings to the "Bright". Avatar Adi Da Samraj chose these two words in His early childhood to describe His State and Function, before He had even acquired the fullest capability of language.

At birth, Avatar Adi Da was fully established as the "Bright". He describes it as a "boundless feeling of Joy, Light, and Freedom", entirely inclusive of the body and the world around Him. The "Bright" is the true and constant and never-absent Condition of all. In His Avataric Nature, Adi Da Samraj knew this Divine Condition absolutely even as a baby. But He also noticed that others were not aware of the Truth of the "Bright".

The "Thumbs" is named after an experience that Avatar Adi Da also began to notice as an infant. He would feel a sensation of intense pressure, coming down into His body and His throat. He describes that it felt like huge thumbs pressing into His body from above. The experience was very powerful, and often He would feel an overwhelming gagging sensation associated with it. Later in life, He was able to consciously allow this experience to reveal its full meaning: The "Thumbs" is His "Bright" Condition appearing as Spiritual Force, pressing into the world of physical appearances. This Divine Pressure is actually the "Transmission", or pervading Energy, of the "Bright". It literally transforms and awakens the presumed separate "self" or "person" to the unchanging and non-separate Truth of the "Bright".

Here, Avatar Adi Da describes His earliest awareness of the "Bright" and the "Thumbs":

. . . I, from the time I was a little boy, Named My State (and Its accompanying Signs in the body-mind) the "Bright"—and I noted a particular recurring phenomenon of psycho-physically transformative descent of Spiritual Energy (which descent, or frontal invasion, I Named the "Thumbs").

The "Bright" was (and Is) a fully (Divinely) Awakened Spiritual State, in Which the Divine Love-Bliss-Energy . . . is centered in the heart and the head, and circulates throughout the Circle of the body-mind (by a pattern of frontal descent—from above the total crown of the head—and subsequent spinal ascent, or return).

The "Thumbs" was (and Is) a process I observed to periodically take place in My body (with transformative effects in My entire body-mind) from My earliest years. And It was (and Is) a unique version (or special intensification) of the circulatory process of the "Bright".

What Avatar Adi Da is uniquely offering to everyone is simply the Truth of our existence—the "Bright". That is Who He Is. But even more than that, He has manifested as Divine Blessing, the "Thumbs", Giving a means for human beings to awaken beyond their presumption of separation from the "Bright". The Revelation of Absolute Truth and the means to Realize it—these are Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Divine Gifts to all.


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