World-Blessing Work

After the initiation of His Divine Self-“Emergence” in 1986, Avatar Adi Da’s Work moved from the impulse to Teach into a phase of universal Blessing.

Adi Da’s Blessing Work is first of all a Call to His devotees to recognize Him as the Divine Person and practice the life of devotional response to Him. Those who do so are given the Grace of ego-transcendence through feeling-attention to Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Condition.

Avatar Adi Da also does silent, Spiritual Blessing Work to ameliorate the negative forces in the world. It is essential for this planet to survive in order that an environment that supports Spiritual contemplation and growth can continue.

The manner of Avatar Adi Da’s Blessing Work is a mystery. Fundamentally, He is simply “Brightening” whatever is brought to Him, and working with representatives of a particular pattern or situation in order to reach the whole.

My Blessing Work is a matter of simply Standing As I Am, while this apparent Body-Mind is thereby Surrendered utterly into My own Self-Condition. And by My Thus Standing Free, My Work has ceased to be a Struggle to Submit My Self to humankind, one by one, and It has become, instead, a universally effective Blessing Work, in which humankind, in the form of each and all who respond to Me, must, one by one, surrender, forget, and transcend separate and separative self in Me.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj


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