Writer and Artist

Throughout His Life, Avatar Adi Da Samraj has used various artistic mediums to Convey His Divine Realization and Love to others.

Avatar Adi Da’s Writing

The writing of His Teaching has consumed much of Avatar Adi Da’s Life and Work. Through that Writing, He has transformed the English language into a vehicle for communication of His Divine Realization. He has labored to make every sentence absolutely clear, such that it cannot be misunderstood.

The “centerpole” of Avatar Adi Da’s Speech and Writing is the Divine Heart. In order to express this as fully as possible, He has created unique conventions of capitalization—often capitalizing words that express the Ecstatic Feeling of the Awakened Heart, and lowercasing words expressive of the ego or of conditional limits in general.

In addition, Avatar Adi Da has demonstrated His genius in creative works of literature that transcend the boundaries of ordinary communication.

Principal among such writings is The Mummery, Avatar Adi Da’s “liturgical drama”, or “prose opera”, which is among His summary Literature (His “Source-Texts”). The Mummery is extraordinarily multi-dimensional, full of astonishing poetry and deeply resonant archetypes. The Mummery was originally written as the culmination of a ten-year writing experiment Avatar Adi Da engaged during the years of His own Spiritual practice—an intensive of exhaustive awareness in which He looked to understand the real nature of Consciousness and Reality.

Avatar Adi Da’s Artwork

Since childhood, Avatar Adi Da has engaged in painting and other visual art forms as a means of expressive communication.

During the years of His Teaching Work, Adi Da Samraj was concentrated in the process of completing His verbal Revelation of Truth—although He would also occasionally create drawings or paintings. In recent years, He has become intensively involved in communicating His Divine Revelation through the artistic means of photography and video.

Avatar Adi Da’s Art is based in what He calls “Transcendental Realism”, or the Realization that every single being and thing is a “modification” of the One Divine Being and Mystery.

True art is not about removing oneself from the subject, manipulating materials in a mechanical or repetitive or even ritualistic way in order to achieve a certain effect, and then standing back to “quantify” the resultant image from a so-called “objective” point of view. Such is the method of separation. True art results when the artist combines himself or herself completely with subject, materials, and resultant work.

My Art is the Art of Heart-Participation, Heart-Activity. It is Art made of feeling, rather than of a perception or a conception merely. The total field of feeling—perceptually located, ecstatically Realized—is the content of My Artwork.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj


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