Vitals, Solids, and Peculiars

The “vital” type tends to indulgence of the body. Vitals are focused in the present moment and are principally concerned with how they are going to be made happy in the body “right now”. Many vitals feel a desire to rebel and feel too controlled by others. They are often loud, full of energy and enthusiasm, but can also be very lazy and moody. The fundamental emotion associated with vitals is anger.

The “peculiar” type is mostly preoccupied with emotions and what he or she is feeling. Peculiars are focused in the past and are often very sentimental and romantic about what has happened to them. Because peculiars tend to feel neglected they welcome controlling influences in their lives. Peculiars can have dramatic mood swings between being really happy and being really depressed. The fundamental emotion associated with peculiars is sorrow.

The “solid” type has a hyperactive mind and is generally out of touch with his or her emotions. Solids are always thinking ahead to the point of “living” in the future. They like everything to be in order and often want to control their own body and others. The fundamental emotion associated with solids is fear.

The Characteristic Mood and the Basic character of the egoic individual In The First Three Stages Of Life Are Developed In Terms Of What I Call “Vital”, “Peculiar”, and “Solid” personality Patterns. These Patterns Correspond, Respectively, To Reactive (or ego-Preserving and ego-Dramatizing) Strategies Of Either A Characteristically vital (or “vitally”, and, Perhaps, or Sometimes, Even “Grossly”, physical) Kind Or A Characteristically emotional (or emotionally “peculiar”, and, Perhaps, or Sometimes, Even Hysterical) Kind Or A Characteristically mental (or mentally “solid”, or Strategically, and, Principally, By Means Of ego-Efforts That Exploit the conceptual mind, Invulnerable) Kind.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar


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