Seven Stages of Life

Adi Da Samraj has “mapped” the entire Spiritual Process culminating in Divine Enlightenment. He describes it in terms of seven stages of life.

The first three (or foundation) stages of life constitute the ordinary course of human adaptation—bodily, emotional, and mental growth. The fourth and fifth (or advanced) stages of life are characterized by the Awakening to Spirit, or the Spiritualizing of the body-mind.

In the sixth and seventh (or ultimate) stages of life, Consciousness Itself is directly Realized, beyond identification with the body-mind. In the sixth stage of life, the Realizer Identifies with Consciousness (in profound states of meditation) by excluding all awareness of phenomena.

Avatar Adi Da has Revealed that the sixth stage of life was the highest form of Realization known in the religious and Spiritual traditions previous to His Appearance. But this Realization is incomplete. Even the necessity to turn away from the world in order to fully Enjoy Consciousness represents a contraction, a refusal of Reality in its totality.

The seventh stage of life (or the Realization of “Open Eyes”), which is Revealed and Given only by Avatar Adi Da, transcends this last limit. No exclusion is necessary, because the world is Realized to be a mere modification of Consciousness, not separate (or “different”) from Consciousness at all.


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