Self-Understanding and the Self-Contraction

As long as the individual is simply seeking, and has all kinds of motivation, fascination with the search, this is not understanding—this is dilemma itself. But where this dilemma is understood, there is the re-cognition of a structure in the living consciousness, a separation. And when that separation is observed more and more directly, one begins to see that what one is suffering is not something happening to one but it is one’s own action. It is as if you are pinching yourself, without being aware of it. You are “creating” a subtle pain, and, worse than the pain, a continuous modification, which is “mind”, which the living consciousness identifies as itself. The more one observes this, the more one’s search is abandoned, spontaneously, intelligently.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The Divine Siddha-Method Of The Ruchira Avatar

Avatar Adi Da’s Teaching on self-understanding is a simple argument:

Every individual being is convinced of fundamental separation from every “other” being and thing. This sense of separateness manifests in feeling as fear, anxiety, dilemma, and the impulse to look for happiness or freedom in “things” outside the self. Everyone reacts to this feeling in different ways, or tries to cope with it, ignore it, or even deny it.

The “radical” (or core) insight that Avatar Adi Da offers is that the sense of separation and feeling of dilemma is not something that is happening to you. Rather, it is an activity you are doing.

Adi Da has often used the analogy of pinching yourself. You can describe the pain, look to alleviate it in all kinds of ways, but truly the pain will not go away until you recognize that you are doing it to yourself—and then stop! This activity of separation is what Avatar Adi Da calls “the self-contraction”, the “ego-‘I’”, or the “avoidance of relationship”.


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