Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga

The fundamental sacred practice for all members of Adidam is called “Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga”: the practice (yoga) of devotion (bhakti) to the Radiant Incarnation of the Divine (Ruchira Avatar), Adi Da Samraj.

Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga is not a technique or strategic effort. Paradoxically, the secret of this moment-to-moment practice is that it is a natural heart-response to Avatar Adi Da rather than a self-generated action.

Adi Da Samraj summarizes this practice with the admonition “Invoke Me, feel Me, breathe Me, and serve Me”. The four faculties of the human being—mind, emotion, breath, and body—are thus directly turned to Adi Da rather than being used as a form of seeking or effort.

[T]he Secret of Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga (and, therefore, of the entire Way of Adidam) is not to struggle with the content that is arising in and as the body-mind, but to responsively surrender the principal faculties of the body-mind to Me.

—Da Love-Ananda Gita


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