Right Life

Right life is purposed to Most Ultimate Liberation from egoity, or Most Ultimate Realization of That Which Stands Prior to the ego (or the apparently individual self).

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da’s Teachings relative to “right life” are about the means by which the mind and body are re-oriented from self-contraction to recognition of and response to Him and relational love of all beings. The “conscious process” addresses the domain of attention while “conductivity” is about relating to life-energy. These two aspects of “right life” cover all the disciplines of Adidam.

Ultimately, there is nothing to be achieved as the goal of seeking and effort in relationship to Adi Da Samraj. Though life in Adidam can develop as a progress of stages of awakening, the freedom of recognition and response to Adi Da Samraj itself can be said to be both the practice and the realization in any moment.