Personal Strategies

Though Adi Da Samraj teaches that everyone is suffering from the same root-activity, or self contraction, He has also described how every individual has unique patterns of behavior, unique ways of relating to others, unique strengths and weaknesses. If you observe human beings you can also see general trends or patterns of such strategies.

Several important elements of Avatar Adi Da’s teaching arguments evolved out of His Work to help His devotees understand and move beyond the limits of strategies they enact personally and collectively.

Alpha and Omega are Adi Da’s names for the typical and historical Eastern and Western strategies (respectively). These conflicting view points can also be found in everyone individually.

Childish and Adolescent strategies and reactions are common to all human beings until they realize the truly adult capability to live intentionally as love in all relations.

The Oedipal strategy was first described by Sigmund Freud, the father of “psychoanalysis”. He described how human beings tended to exhibit a strategy similar to the Greek myth of Oedipus, who killed his father and married his mother.

Avatar Adi Da points out that Freud’s methods tended to bypass personal responsibility, and there is much more to be said about sexuality than what Freud discovered. But Avatar Adi Da corroborates Freud’s observations relative to the Oedipal strategy.

Vitals, Solids, and Peculiars are three character types that Avatar Adi Da has described. Each strategy type is focused primarily in a certain aspect of life. Vitals are focused in the physical dimension; Peculiars are focused in the emotional dimension; and Solids are focused in the mental dimension.


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