Pattern of Reality

One of the primary themes of Adi Da’s Teaching has been helping human beings rediscover a sacred and esoteric understanding of the structure of their own body-minds and the structure of “Reality” altogether.

In the secularized and materialistic world of today, this understanding has been lost, and human beings are given no alternative to the common patterns of life. Adi Da Samraj offers Wisdom that can help you discover the true nature of Reality and the ultimate potential of human beings.

. . . I Say to every one and all, “consider” all of your views, all of your presumptions, all of your beliefs, all of your experiences, even all of your presumed “knowledge” (great or small). . . . And, by all of this, look to verify your own hierarchical nature, composition, and structure, and (thus and thereby) look to verify the hierarchical nature, composition, and structure of even all of conditionally manifested reality. Do this, and be (thereby) changed in your mind, and in your feeling, and in your body, and in your actions—such that you are (and, as such, every one is) fully restored to integrity (in the body-mind), and Truly Restored to the Great “Purpose” (Which Is Eternally Senior and Eternally Most Prior to the body-mind and the “world”).

The Basket Of Tolerance