The Oedipal Strategy

  1. The Oedipal complex is a primitive and unconscious force of reaction to our mother and father that controls our lives and realities like an unwritten script. Everyone demonstrates the Oedipal complex and the character of “Narcissus” in a unique fashion, through a unique history.
  2. To understand our script we must look beyond the mind, to what is pre-verbal.
  3. The waking mind reacts to the possibility of this primitive, invisible script. Your script reveals itself, not in the waking and thinking mind, but in the pre-mental world of the unconscious. But we need not delve deep into the unconscious or the subconscious to uncover this script. We must consistently observe our actual patterns in the present.
  4. What we observed and reacted to in our childhood at about two years old, provides the response to all of our experiences. Our emotional-sexual character and adaptation develop primarily in response to our relationships with our parents during infancy.
  5. This drama or “script” is fundamentally developed in relationship to our mother and father in our earliest years. Our mother and our father are the first and primary intimacies we develop in infancy with a male and a female “other”.
  6. The life-energy of our maleness or femaleness registers a reaction to the play of sexual character between our parents.
  7. Each heterosexual individual develops a primitive emotional-sexual relationship with the parent of the opposite sex that is completely natural.
  8. Generally our childhood was not spent fantasizing or actively desiring the opposite-sex parent. But the reactions that characterize us point to the underlying presumption of a love-relationship with the parent of the opposite sex that is different from our relationship to the parent of our own sex.
  9. For every female, the fact that her father did not have sex with her causes her to feel rejected.
  10. For every male, the fact that his mother did not have sex with him causes him to feel rejected.
  11. We presume rivalry with the parent of the same sex.
  12. As a result of this Oedipal drama, we live a life of conflict and testing relative to both parents, and therefore to all beings, to see if they will betray us.
  13. Our first awareness of sexuality is that we were rejected, and we continue to live out this dramatization of rejection until we persist in understanding and going beyond our egoic adaptation.

NOTE: For individuals who are homosexual, points 7-10 relate to the parent of the same sex rather than the parent of the opposite sex. Point 11 then relates to rivalry with the parent of the opposite sex.


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