The Lesson of Life

Adi Da Samraj has summarized a fundamental aspect of His Teaching, which He calls “The Lesson of Life”, in a single sentence:

“You cannot become happy, you can only be happy.”

While He was a junior at Columbia College in New York City, Adi Da Samraj engaged a massive experiment. He intensively engaged all forms of human experience and seeking in the hope that God or happiness would be revealed to Him in the process.

The summary conclusion of this experiment came one night, after two years, when Adi Da Samraj felt He would go crazy with His own seeking and experiencing. Then suddenly there was a complete revolution in His being and He felt a sense of inherent freedom and well-being. He later wrote about two important things He realized in this event:

1) As long as you are seeking happiness (or God), you will never find it, because the act of seeking itself is a confession of unhappiness.

2) Everyone is always already free and happy. Freedom and Happiness are the native state of being.


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