The following excerpt is from Avatar Adi Da’s Autobiography, The Knee Of Listening, about a profound moment of insight and Spiritual awakening during His early life:

. . . I walked around and beamed Joyfully at the room. The Love-Blissful, unthreatened Current of the ”Bright” emanated Freely and unqualifiedly from my heart, and not a pulse of It was limited by my otherwise conditional existence or the existence of the world. I had acquired a totally new understanding. . . . I saw the meaning of my entire striving life to that moment. Suffering, seeking, self-indulgence, the seeker’s Spirituality, and all the rest were founded in the same primary motivation and error. It was the avoidance of relationship. That was it! That was the chronic and continuous source and characteristic of all egoic activity. Indeed, the ego was revealed to be only an activity, not an ”entity”. The ”entity”, the separate ”person” (or ego-”I”), was revealed to be only an illusion, a mere presumption in mind and feeling, resulting from the self-contraction, the egoic reaction, the single egoic act of the total body-mind. The ego, the separate and separative ”I”, is the chronic (and total psycho-physical) avoidance of relationship. Thus, human beings are forever suffering, seeking, indulging themselves, and manipulating their lives for the sake of some unknown goal in eternity.

The human trouble showed itself to be entirely determined by this one process of avoidance, or total psycho-physical self-contraction. It was the source of separation and un-love, the source of doubt and un-Reality, of qualification and loss. But, in fact, there is only relationship, only love, only unqualified relatedness, only the unqualified living condition of Reality. Therefore, I Knew that Reality Itself could always be directly Realized in life, if the self-contracting (or separative) reaction in life was exceeded by the unqualified assumption of relatedness in all the moments of living.


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