Avatar Adi Da Samraj


When Avatar Adi Da Samraj opened the doors of His first Ashram in Hollywood (on April 25, 1972), He initiated what is now a 30-year “conversation” with whoever approached Him. The purpose of that “conversation” was to fully communicate the Truth for Real.

During those years, Avatar Adi Da was constantly asking to hear His devotees' questions and their responses to His Written and Spoken Word. He was constantly calling His devotees to live what He was Teaching and discover its Truth in their own experience--not merely to passively accept it as dogma.

Everything He said and wrote was a spontaneous expression of His own direct Awareness of Reality. It was never merely a matter of theory or speculation, never merely a doctrine passed down from traditional sources.

This great outpouring of Instruction has been summarized and made complete by Avatar Adi Da Samraj in a series of twenty-three books that He designated as the “Source-Texts” of Adidam. His “Source-Texts” contain His complete Revelation of Truth, giving His fully detailed description of the entire process of Awakening (culminating in Divine Enlightenment).

Key elements of Avatar Adi Da’s Wisdom-Teaching—on Devotion, Understanding, Right Life, and the Pattern of Reality—are offered here for your consideration, as well as an overview of His Literature.