The following is an excerpt from Avatar Adi Da’s
“Source-Text”, Hridaya Rosary.

The total body-mind must be in heart-Communion with Me under all conditions—whether you are engaged in sexual activity, or having lunch, or walking down the street, or performing a service function. Your life must become unbroken Communion with Me, constant psycho-physical Communion with Me. The usual (ordinary and conditional) purpose of events is thereby changed and re-aligned, such that—even though you are, in some basic sense, performing ordinary human activities—those very activities are re-patterning (and, altogether, rightly Patterning) the body-mind in devotional (and, in due course, truly Spiritual) Communion with Me. Then there is constant purification, constant flow, constant “conductivity”, a “Brightening” Process of Infusion by My Tangible Divine Spiritual Body of Love-Bliss-Person.

Over time, such constant psycho-physical Communion with Me—persistently done, in all circumstances, every function, all relations, and every kind of act—purifies the body-mind totally. This persistent heart-Communion with Me is a counter-egoic act. It has nothing to do with making the ego “better”. It progressively Transfigures the body-mind with My Divine Spiritual (and Always Blessing) Presence—until, eventually, there is the demonstration of Spiritual Wholeness, Spiritual Integrity, and Spiritual Fullness.


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