The Hierarchical Structural
Anatomy of Human Beings

Avatar Adi Da Teaches that the hierarchical structural anatomy of the human body-mind exists in two fundamental “planes”, vertical and horizontal.

The vertical plane is a great energy-circuit, which Avatar Adi Da calls the “Circle”. The Circle runs down the front of the body from the crown of the head to the perineum, and up the back of the body along the spinal line to the crown of the head.

The horizontal plane comprises the esoteric structure of the heart, which has three “stations”—left, middle, and right.

Beyond the Circle and rooted in the right side of the heart stands the most profound, most esoteric of all our psycho-physical structures—the “Amrita Nadi”, or “Current of Immortal Bliss”, the first Form of God in the conditional realms. Amrita Nadi rises in an S-shaped curve from the right side of the heart to the Matrix of Light infinitely above the crown of the head.


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