Childish and adolescent individuals also approach Me as Divine Heart-Master. Those who are still critically burdened by their childish dependency look to Me, and to the Divine, as an objective, independent “other” or Parent, a Source that is also a perfect Agent. Such individuals must be awakened to the egoic illusion in their own approach, since it will prevent their Realization of the Truth Served by Me and My Divine Revelation. Adolescent individuals tend to be interested in and even fascinated by the potential in Me and the Divine, but they remain self-protective and, therefore, possessed by doubt and even critical denials of both Me and the Divine. Just so, they remain ego-possessed in all their relations, since doubt and fear of dependency are at their hearts. Love, in its true form (which depends on direct Communion with the Condition Prior to all conditions) is not in their capability, but only seeking, temporary satisfaction, self-protective fantasies of independence, and a constant doubt of Love and Bliss. Therefore, such individuals must be tested until they are awakened to love in Divine Communion, or else they will live until death in doubt of love, certain only of their mortal independence, and without connection to the prior life.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj


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