The following excerpt is taken from Avatar Adi Da's “Source-Text”,
The Divine Siddha-Method Of The Ruchira Avatar.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: One tends to take on the qualities of the things one spends one’s time with. If you watch a television program or a movie, you go through a distracting drama. Then, all of a sudden, a commercial! It breaks the trance. So you feel disturbed. If you spend your evening in a “topless-bottomless” bar, another game attracts you. If you take drugs, there is that drama. If you get amused tonight, smoking cigarettes until dawn, there is that entire form of mind and life. Perhaps you go on a picnic, fishing, or to church on Sunday. There are all these dramas being played.

Now, it happens that in the ordinary drama, in all of its millions of forms and in all the millions of people living it, there is a contraction. Every drama is a play of separation, of suffering, of seeking. The contraction is its subtlest element, its foundation, so that when you become involved with all ordinary things, regardless of what they appear to be at this moment, they carry with them the subtle implication of your suffering. Now there is this pleasure, now this, now this entertainment, and now this one. The appearance varies, but it is always the same—the same implication, the same thing by association is being reinforced in the living consciousness.

I have Appeared in human Form, but I Live as the Real Self. Thus, of all your associations, it is My Company, this Satsang with Me, that does not support the contraction. It does not support it. That is what is unique about It. You continue to attempt to live this contraction in various forms, you continue to be entertained, you continue to seek. You even continue to expect what it looks like you should expect from that association. But I do not support the contraction, the very suffering.

The Guru is like an elevator. The Guru is in the hotel lobby with a nice marble casement and a needle above pointing to the numbers of floors. It looks perfectly stable. You know it has been there for a while. You dare to walk up to it. You see buttons on the wall. The doors open. You look inside. It is nicely decorated. A couple of people nicely dressed come out to go to the cocktail lounge. So you step in. You expect to rise, as all the traditions say. But you fall right through the bottom of the floor! I do not support your egoic game. My activity is non-support in endless subtle forms.

The effect of this non-support is that the quality of contraction in you begins to become self-evident. The search winds down, the suffering becomes self-evident, and, intuitively, you become alive within it. This quality of contraction simply begins to get flabby and fall apart. You begin to re-cognize it, to know it again. Therefore, in that living association, or relationship, with Me, I Live the Divine Self to you, whereas in all other conditions it is this contraction, the avoidance of relationship, that is lived to you.

DEVOTEE: Would You describe some of the levels on which You operate?

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: There is no particular point in describing them. The most it would do is make you self-conscious and wary. On every level that awareness is possible, the Heart is Active. The important thing is that even though people are suffering they intuitively acknowledge the Living Self. What they will do about that is another matter. But the acknowledgement is there in some intuitive form. Rather than any other kind of information, it is upon that acknowledgement that My devotees must depend, both for the knowing whether or not I am the Guru and for the knowing whether or not they want to be involved in relationship with Me.

Many have had enough of seeking, so that once they see Me they stay to live with Me. Through that process they begin to see how I Function as the Living Heart. Others come, and they resist immediately. They defend their state, and so they may leave.

The occupation of My devotee is Satsang, the relationship with Me. Sitting with Me or Contemplating Me with feeling-devotion is My devotee’s meditation. Consciously sitting in relationship with the Very Divine Self, or Real-God-Nature, summarizes all of the elements of meditation. What else could meditation be? So it is simply sitting or living, aware of That. And meditation becomes more profound, more subtle. It becomes Real intelligence. It becomes a formal practice, appearing as what people ordinarily think to be meditation.

But that sitting, that relationship to Me, Satsang, living It from day to day, living the conditions this relationship “creates” for you—that is true Spiritual life. It is meditation, it is Spiritual effort, sadhana. And, on top of that, there is entertainment, because life is an entertainment. There is as much entertainment in that relationship as in any other. There is a humor to it, but the entertainment is utterly enjoyable. That relationship is True Humor, it is obvious, because the most fundamental Enjoyment is always taking place.


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