Dimensions of Reality

In Avatar Adi Da’s simplest description of the structure of “Reality”, or Existence, there are two forms.

The conditional reality includes everything that we commonly call “real”: physical objects, atomic energy, the entire universe, and so on. It also includes everything that traditional Spiritual practitioners have discovered in mystical experiences: visions, auditory experiences, other planes, and so on. The conditional reality includes anything that arises which can be experienced or known by a presumed separate individual or group, and is therefore dependant on “conditions”. The conditional reality itself has three dimensions, gross, subtle, and causal.

The Unconditional Reality is the Source of the conditional reality, but is entirely free of any “conditions”. The Unconditional Reality is that which is Always Already the Case, Unchanging and Eternal. This dimension has been called “Nirvana”, “Consciousness”, “Brahman”, and so on in the Spiritual traditions of the world. To realize the Unconditional Reality is to be released of any presumption of separate existence whatsoever.

. . . it is inherently, and necessarily, and Self-Evidently, and Always Already The Case that Consciousness (Itself)—or the Irreducible Conscious-Light That Is the One, and Only, and Self-Evident, and Eternally Self-Revealing, and Always Already and Unconditionally Self-Existing Reality—Is the One, and Indivisible, and Self-Existing, and Self-Radiant, and Non-dual, and Non-dependent, and Non-conditional, and Eternal Reality, Condition, Truth, and Real God of every one, and of all, and of the All of all.

What any and every presumed-to-be-separate-self (or ego-“I”) requires is the truly esoteric (or yet unknown, and yet un-Realized) understanding (and the tacit—or inherent, and constant—Realization) of Reality.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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