This excerpt is from
The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar:

The Unconditional Reality Is Modified (but Only Apparently) As The conditional Reality. This Must Be Realized. Until This Truth Is Realized, all conditional experience Is A School With A Single Lesson. This Is The Lesson (The Lesson Of Life): “I” Cannot Become Happy. “I” Can Only Be Happy.

The self-Contracted being (or conditional “I”) Seeks Happiness conditionally, By Pursuing and Depending On conditions, objects, and others. This Is An Error, and The Fault Is Profound.

Happiness Is Not A Characteristic Of conditional Reality Itself, but Happiness Is An Inherent Characteristic Of The Unconditional (or Divine) Reality. And The conditional Reality Is Always A Modification Of The Unconditional Reality. Therefore, The Realization Of Happiness Is Possible In any moment, If conditional Existence Is Released Into Full Participation In Me—The Avatarically Self-Revealed Prior (or Unconditional, Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, and Self-Evidently Divine) Person and Self-Condition (Which Is Always Already The Case).


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