The following excerpt is taken from Avatar Adi Da’s Paramount “Source-Text”, The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar.

“Consider” any thing, other, or conditional event, and Observe That This Is So. “Consider” The Letter “M”, For Example. Picture It In mind, or In print, or Write It Down By hand (Even many times). “Consider” All That You (as the psycho-physical self) experience or know About The Letter “M”. Do You (in mind or in body) experience or know What The Letter “M” Is? Is? Altogether and Really Is? No. And What Does This “Consideration” Reveal About You (as the Presumed and Presumptuous body-mind-“I”)? Indeed, What Is the body? What Is the mind? What Is “You”? Through Such “Consideration”, Feel and Be The Feeling Of This “Ignorance” Itself. That body-Transcending, mind-Transcending, and ego-Transcending Feeling-Ignorance Is The Native Intuition Of What Is (and Of The Only One Who Is).

The conventional subject-object Illusion (or The Common Illusory Presumption That Characterizes the conditional self) Is The Presumption That whatever arises Is Already (or Certainly Can Be) Really experienced or known. The conditional self Is Commonly Presumed To Be a knower—but, In Truth, the conditional self Is Inherently Ignorant. All conditional, perceptual, experiential, conceptual, or conventional knowledge Is Founded On The False Presumption That conditional forms or events Are Familiar. In Fact, Only Certain Formal Features Of arising phenomena Seem Familiar (Due To Repetition), Whereas (In Truth) no thing, being, or condition (or Even the conditional self itself) Is Familiar (and, Thus, Already and Completely and Really known).

Conditional knowledge and experience (or conceptual mind and psycho-physical experience In General) Are Based Upon The Illusion (or The Illusory Psychology) Of Familiarity, or The Constantly Asserted Presumption That “I” (as the egoic body-mind-self) know What this or that Is”. How Can This Presumption Be True? Only a moment Of “Consideration” Will Reveal That the conditional “I” Does Not (and Cannot) know What any thing or conditional event or Even the conditional self (or ego-“I”, or self-Contraction) itself Is (Altogether, Really, and Ultimately).

The conditional self Is Inherently (or Divinely) Ignorant. The conditional self Is (Inherently, Always Already, and Cannot Ever Be Else Than) knowledgeless, or Bereft and Free Of The Familiar (or the known). Indeed, the conditional self (or conventional “I”) Is (itself) An Illusion Of knowledge (or Of Familiarity)—and, If The Inherent (and Self-Evidently Divine) Condition Of Ignorance Is Realized In any moment, the “knowledge” of body, mind, or conditional “I” Is Replaced By The Mystery Of Inherently bodiless, mindless, and selfless Being.

The Transcendental (or Unconditional), Inherently Spiritual, and Self-Evidently Divine Reality Is Not Other Than (or Separate From) The conditional Reality.

Existence (or Being) Is An Inherent Characteristic Of The Unconditional Reality and (Therefore) Also Of The conditional Reality (Which arises As An Apparent Modification Of, or A Play Upon, The Unconditional Reality).

Existence Itself (or Being, Itself) Cannot Be Observed or Inspected (As If It Were An Object)—Because There Is No Point Of View (Whether Divine Or Transcendental Or Spiritual Or conditional) That Is Separate From (or Not Identical To) Existence Itself.

Likewise, Consciousness (Itself) Cannot Be Observed or Inspected—Because There Is No Point Of View Relative To Which Consciousness Stands As An Object.

And Love-Bliss Itself (or Happiness, Itself) Cannot Be Observed or Inspected—Because It Is Never An Object, but It Is Always Only (and Perfectly) A Subjective Reality.

Truly, Of All That Exists (Whether conditionally Or Unconditionally), Only Existence (or Being) Itself, Consciousness Itself, and Love-Bliss (or Happiness) Itself Never Appear As Objects, and (Therefore) Can Never Be Observed or Inspected (or Even experienced or known) As They Are.

Indeed, These Unique Three—Existence (or Being), and Consciousness, and Love-Bliss (or Happiness Itself)—Are One and The Same.

And These Three Are Realized (As The By-Me-Avatarically-Self-Revealed One and Very Divine Self-Condition and Source-Condition) In The Inherently Most Perfect Awakening That Is The Most Ultimate (or Seventh Stage) Realization Of The Only-By-Me Revealed and Given Way Of The Heart (or Way Of Adidam).

And, Because Neither One Nor All Of These Three Can Be Observed or Inspected (or experienced, or known) As It Is (or As “They” Are), and (Therefore) Because Existence (Itself) Cannot Be Observed or Inspected or experienced or known (As It Is)—It Is Also Never Possible To Observe or Inspect or experience or know What Even any thing or conditional event, or Even the conditional self (or ego-“I”, or self-Contraction) itself, Is (Because The Very Existence, or Being, Of Even any condition Cannot Be Observed, or Inspected, or experienced, or known).

Therefore, Neither The Divine (and Transcendental, and Inherently Spiritual) Self Nor the conditional self Can know What any condition Is—Because “knowledge” Requires That subject and object (Even The Ultimate Subject and A Great Object) Be “Different” and Separate From one another.

However, Because It Always Already Is Existence (or Being) Itself, and Consciousness Itself, and Love-Bliss (or Happiness) Itself—The Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, and Self-Evidently Divine Self Can and Always Does (Inherently, Un-conditionally, and Divinely) Self-Recognize (As Itself) What every arising condition Is.

And This Divine Self-Recognition (or Most Ultimate, and Perfectly Subjective, Identification) Is Inherent, Direct, Tacit, and Prior To all conditional knowing or experiencing.

Therefore, Unless the conditional (or Objectified) self Is Grounded (and, Thus, Transcended) In The Ultimate and Perfectly Subjective Self (or The Transcendental, and Inherently Spiritual, and Self-Evidently Divine Reality), the conditional self (by itself) Does Not (and Cannot) Fully, Finally, Ultimately, or Really experience or know conditional, objective, or Objectified Reality.


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