The Yoga of Devotion

“Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga”, or the practice (yoga) of devotion (bhakti) to the Radiant Incarnation of the Divine (Ruchira Avatar), Adi Da Samraj, is the primary life-practice in Adidam and the foundation for all others.

Avatar Adi Da summarizes this practice with the admonition:

“Invoke Me, feel Me, breathe Me, and serve Me”.

The four faculties of the human being—mind, emotion, breath and body—are turned to Adi Da, rather than remaining in patterns of seeking or unhappiness.


Corresponding Action


“Invoke Me”


“Feel Me”


“Breathe Me”


“Serve Me”

The key aspect of this Yoga is that it is a responsive practice, elicited by Adi Da’s Inherent Divine Attractiveness. It is not a technique to be strategically applied, and realized through effort.

Likewise, devotees surrender to Adi Da Samraj not as an ego, “great parent” or “Creator” deity, but as the Real and Living God in human Form—not ultimately separate from themselves.

Avatar Adi Da’s devotees practice the Yoga of devotion throughout their daily lives. Over time, as your practice develops, you become drawn into this Yoga more and more—such that you may enjoy Communion with Adi Da regardless of the conditions of life in which you may find yourself. By this most effective Means, the practitioner becomes identified with Avatar Adi Da’s Divinely Realized State, rather than the separate ego-“I”.

The four faculties of the body-mind account for all of your functions. If any one or a combination of them is not surrendered to Me, not brought into Communion with me, they revert to the domain of egoity, the games of egoity, and therefore, the content of egoity. If you submit these four functions that are at the root of all aspects of human existence, then the ego game is canceled, it is forgotten, it is not indulged in, it is not reinforced.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj


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