Study of Avatar Adi Da’s Teachings is a foundation life-practice in Adidam. Such study is real and personal consideration, as opposed to indiscriminate belief.

Most of the devotees of Avatar Adi Da first find Him through an encounter with His written Teaching. In the practice of Adidam, Adi Da’s Divine Word is a primary source of inspiration and “straightening” in daily life.

Members of Adidam also benefit from their study of the Great Tradition of religious literature. Avatar Adi Da has said that guided study of the Great Tradition serves each individual’s understanding and transcendence of limitations, provincialism, and intolerance in himself or herself.

You must deal with My Wisdom-Teaching in some form every single day, because a new form of the ego’s game appears every single day. You will buy your game every single day. Therefore, you cannot have read one of My books last month and have it still working on your behalf, because you only remember a few key phrases. You must continually return to My Wisdom-Teaching, confront My Wisdom-Teaching.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj


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