Avatar Adi Da has Given His devotees a way of relating to sex that is life-positive, non-puritanical and at the same time more and more ego-transcending and compatible with the fullest Spiritual practice and ultimate Divine Enlightenment.

The practices associated with sexuality in the Way of Adidam account for the two fundamental dimensions of sex: sexual energy and emotional intimacy. In fact, Avatar Adi Da teaches that sexuality is an inherently “emotional-sexual” matter and that these two dimensions cannot ultimately be separated.

I am calling you to discover that sex is an emotional-sexual matter. You must come to the point where you can live a heart-relationship, where you express it, say it, know it, and become known as it—no superficial “householder” arrangement, no guarantees made by marriage certificates, nothing to hold you together except intimacy itself, the heart itself.

The aberration in you is lovelessness. When the heart comes into the sphere of sexual matters, it changes everything.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

In the Way of Adidam, there are three aspects to the emotional-sexual life-practice:

1) You progressively develop understanding about your emotional-sexual patterning.

2) You act with true “sila”, or equanimity, by the appropriate “conductivity” of outgoing energy and attention.

3) You adapt to the regenerative practice of “emotional-sexual conscious exercise” which progressively becomes “emotional-sexual devotional communion”.


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