The Way of Adidam encompasses the entire process of Spiritual growth—from birth, through the progressive stages of human and Spiritual maturity, to Divine Enlightenment. The profound esoteric core of the Way of Adidam is what Avatar Adi Da Samraj calls “the ‘Perfect Practice’”, which is the Spiritual practice that becomes possible once one has grown beyond all identification with the body and the mind, and has become natively Identified with the Divine Consciousness Itself. The “Perfect Practice” of Adidam is the essential process of Divine Enlightenment, to which Avatar Adi Da has Given a special name—Ruchiradam.

Ruchiradam is the “root” esoteric process of Adidam. As such, Ruchiradam is the profound subjective process of directly “Locating” Reality, Truth, or Real God—rather than a progressive process of Spiritual Awakening that relates to the patterns associated with conditional identification with a body-mind and its confrontation with its mortal condition. Therefore, to take up the practice of Ruchiradam requires profound Spiritual preparation.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: The reference “Ruchiradam” should be understood to describe and summarize the Fullness of the Way I have Revealed, as engaged in the form of the “Perfect Practice” of the devotional and Spiritual relationship to Me.

The Way of Adidam, as a whole, is an elaboration of all the implications of the Way of the devotional and Spiritual relationship to Me—and My Revelation of the total (or full and complete) Way of Adidam is Given so that those who are moved to serious practice in My Company will have a guide relative to everything that such practice requires as a way of life.

Ruchiradam is the root of the Way of Adidam. Ruchiradam is the most essential (and moment to moment) practice of the Way I have Revealed and Given. Thus, Ruchiradam is not an elaborated way of life covering all activities in time and space. Rather, Ruchiradam is simply the essential process of Real-God-Realization Itself—As It Always Already Is, in every moment.

In order to take up the practice of Ruchiradam, My any formally acknowledged devotee who practices the Way of Adidam must establish his or her direct Spiritual relationship to Me, through the Da Love-Ananda Samrajya, and must then develop that relationship to Me in the form of this “Perfect Practice” of Spiritual devotion to Me.

When people come into My physical Company, they are to come specifically for the purpose of engaging and developing the moment to moment practice of Ruchiradam, which is the essential process of Divine Enlightenment. [February 11, 2001]