Do full weekend devotional and meditative retreats as often as possible.

Do an extended devotional and meditative retreat annually.

Let every devotional and meditative retreat be an Ordeal of self-purification and a Feast of My Blessings.

After each devotional and meditative retreat, go and practice some more.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

As a devotee of Adi Da Samraj, you engage in regular retreat periods as opportunities to disengage your attention from all the ordinary stresses and demands of daily life and concentrate in the Yoga of devotion to Him.

Kinds of retreat:

Adi Da Guruvara—once a week, on Sundays, devotees attend the Adi Da Guruvara retreat day. Activities include chanting, puja, meditation, study, and a “cultural update” of the current moment with Avatar Adi Da.

Longer Retreat—several times a year you take a long weekend retreat and at least once a year, a ten day to three week retreat, or longer. These retreats may focus on different areas (such as meditation, sacred art, or service), but they all involve an intensification of the life-practices Given by Adi Da Samraj, and a relinquishment of social interactions and domestic relations. Most prepared devotees choose to take their long retreat at one of the Retreat Sanctuaries—the principle places Empowered by Avatar Adi Da with His Living Divine Presence.


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