The Primal Space

January 19, 1988

AVATAR ADI DA: What is the special significance of engaging the Ruchira Avatara Puja every day? If the Ruchira Avatara Puja is done rightly, it has a unique significance. It is an esoteric event, not merely something you are obliged to do and that you do because it is good to discipline yourself.

Something takes place in the Ruchira Avatara Puja at the beginning of the day that has to do with your practice for the rest of the day. What is that?

My devotee lives in Satsang with Me perpetually. Therefore, begin your active day by first coming to Me, your Divine Heart-Master. The Ruchira Avatara Puja is a tangible way of entering into Satsang with Me, but through a special gesture. The uniqueness of this gesture makes it effective as Satsang, effective throughout the rest of your waking state on that day, even effective in the dream state and in deep sleep, so that it is still effective when you wake up the next morning and go to meditation.

Why, then, do you re-combine the body-mind with My Company through the ceremony of the Ruchira Avatara Puja the next morning? What is the act that is puja itself? It is a ritual, of course, but it could be no more than a ritual—you say a few things, you do a few things, and then you go about your business. Such is ritual in and of itself. But what is the significance of this special ritual? What, by virtue of your devotional participation, is the act that is puja? What does one do, not only in the Way of Adidam but in any tradition? What needs to be done through ceremony? What is the esoteric significance of all such ceremonies?

The significance is esoteric. Therefore, it is a secret, a great secret to be communicated to devotees, a secret that allows devotees to participate in ceremonies and rituals in a unique fashion, and a secret to which one must be awakened.

In the Way of Adidam, the daily Ruchira Avatara Puja is the daily sacramental Re-Establishment, or Re-Installation, of the Form and Circumstance of Satsang with Me. Perhaps the key word here is “Re-Installation”. Through the Ruchira Avatara Puja, My devotees Install Me in front of the heart (and, ultimately, at the heart). The Ruchira Avatara Puja is a sacred esoteric act of Installing Me in front of your heart, or, to describe it another way, it is a sacred esoteric act of installing yourself in front of Me.

When you are rightly prepared to sit with Me in meditative feeling-Contemplation of Me, you come to a Communion Hall and sit there, and I come and Sit before you. I Sitting there, you sitting before Me—this is the Circumstance of My Spiritual Heart-Transmission, which is the Circumstance of your meditation. My Transmission occurs in this unique, even physical, Circumstance in which I Sit before you and you sit before Me. By your regard of Me, you Install Me in front of your heart. By My Sitting before you, I am in effect Installing My Self in front of you. This is the Circumstance, the Primal Space, in which My every devotee practices the Way of Adidam.

That Space, that Circumstance, is to be perpetuated in every moment. That constant practice is Satsang with Me. It is the unique Circumstance of Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga. Through the Ruchira Avatara Puja re-engaged every day by My devotees, My devotees Re-Install Me before themselves and re-install themselves before Me. Then every moment of living, every moment of meditation, takes place in that Circumstance of sitting before Me.

Sitting before Me is something you establish in a very practical, even physical, sense whenever you go to the Communion Hall. You have established My Seat there—you have placed My Murti there, My Padukas and My Staff may be there, and so on. When you sit in meditation, you sit in Satsang with Me. You do not just come into the Communion Hall and engage in practices whereby you manipulate your body-mind. You come to the Communion Hall and sit in My Company. You sit in Satsang with Me, and you give that Satsang tangible demonstration in your Communion Hall by Installing My Murti there, and My Seat, and so on.

Generally, as My devotee, you meditate in a Communion Hall where the Ruchira Avatara Puja is done every day. If you are traveling, you may not be able to meditate in such a Hall, but you take My Murti with you, and, whenever you sit for meditation, you sit in Satsang with Me. Therefore, every day, through the ceremony of the Ruchira Avatara Puja, you Re-Install the Vision that is the Primal Space.

The ceremony whereby you Install Me in front of your own body-mind, and whereby you establish yourself in front of Me, is much more than an outward activity. It is an esoteric act. Having established yourself in Satsang with Me, having Installed Me in front of your heart, you live in that Circumstance in every moment. You recollect that Primal Space, and It becomes the Circumstance of your daily living and the Circumstance of your meditation. Therefore, the Ruchira Avatara Puja is an esoteric act of Installation whereby you place yourself in that Primal Space of Satsang with Me.


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