Patrons and Individuals of Unique Influence

In 1983, an individual patron offered the island of Naitauba, Fiji, to Avatar Adi Da. Because of this magnificent gift, the entire Life and Work of Adi Da Samraj began to evolve in ways that were not possible before. Naitauba offered Avatar Adi Da a pristine, protected place to do His Spiritual Work and an opportunity to establish a unique Seat of His Divine Presence for all generations to come.

Gestures such as this from individuals of wealth and influence have been made to Spiritual Realizers throughout history. For example, Gautama Buddha had a major patron, a merchant called Sudatta, who was passionately moved to provide for Gautama and His monks and who called on others to respect and celebrate and accommodate the life and work of the "Enlightened One" living in their midst. Gautama greatly blessed Sudatta and the story of Sudatta's exemplary generosity is preserved to this day in the earliest annals of Buddhist history.

The Divine Work of Avatar Adi Da Samraj is so vast, and rich, and complex that the opportunities for specific forms patronage are endless. The archives of His thirty years of Teaching and His thousands of "Bright" Field Images need to duplicated and preserved. His Divine Word needs to be widely translated and published globally. His supreme architypal drama, The Mummery, awaits highly sophisticated dramatic production in international venues that will reach large audiences.

Primarily, Avatar Adi Da Samraj needs to be able to live with the Ruchira Sannyasin Order in a protected, set-apart circumstance wherever He is moved to go. And He needs to be assured in His human lifetime that the Ruchira Sannyasin Order will be supported in perpetuity for the sake of everyone. He relies on those who recognize Him as the Divine Avatar to provide the practical means for Him to Bless all beings and to Work with those who respond to Him in all parts of the world.

To serve Avatar Adi Da in these ways through significant patronage, or through your high-level influence in the world, is to transform your own life and destiny, and, potentially, the life and destiny of countless others, in a most auspicious and enduring way.

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