In the Way of Adidam, money is understood to be an expression of the universal life-force. In its broadest sense, the term “money” is used to refer to the whole area of effort, work, self-responsibility, and the commitment of energy and love in life.

Traditional religions and Spiritual teachings often embrace asceticism and warn against becoming involved with money. Adi Da, on the other hand, has never advocated that His devotees minimize their dealings with money or “life in the world”. Rather, every aspect of life is to be embraced, as a “counter egoic” gesture, counter to the “avoidance of relationship”. Any limitations on the exchange of life-force are outshined in devotional relationship with the Divine Person, Adi Da Samraj.

All life-conditions are forms of relationship. All of life is ordinary. One who is incapable of ordinariness has not even begun to become involved in Spiritual life as subtlety. So one must become responsive at the simplest level, the level in which one is living, in which one exists. There is nothing very profound about it. And this requires one to conduct, or make lawful use of, the life-force, not to abandon it, not to become separate from it. One must become capable of relationship at the level of the vital, on all the levels of the physical being, ultimately including the entire range of psycho-physical life.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The Commitment of Life Force

Members of Adidam tithe, support their regional centers, establish cooperative households and businesses, contribute toward regional Ashrams, and support the glorification of the Sanctuaries and the Temples there.

Couples, or intimate partners, keep their finances separate and remain financially self-sufficient (unless one partner is raising a child, physically unable to work, or similar situations). Debts incurred prior to becoming a member of Adidam are paid off as soon as possible.

This practice supports the establishment and ongoing survival of the Adidam community. It also creates a foundation for true Spiritual life, in that it requires devotees to cut through their reluctance to deal with themselves in life. Avatar Adi Da has Said “When you are capable of functioning, that is when true Spiritual life begins.”


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