Life Practices

All My devotees must embrace all the practices of devotion, service, self-discipline, and meditation that I Give to them. [However,] the Principle, or Great Mover, of . . . the Way of Adidam is not discipline itself, but Distraction by Me and Attachment to Me. Because they love Me, My true devotees adapt all their life-activities to the “radically” direct Way of devotional surrender and devotional conformity to Me.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The Way of Adidam, truly lived, is a great Contemplative process, based on heart-recognition of and heart-response to Adi Da Samraj as Real and Living God.

Everything you do as a practitioner of Adidam is an expression of your response of devotion to Adi Da Samraj. The life of cultivating this response to Him is “Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga”—or the God-Realizing practice (or Yoga) of devotion to Him.

It is only possible to practice this “Yoga of devotion” upon a bodily and emotional foundation that enables you to consistently reel in your attention, energy, and feeling from their random wandering. The life-practices in this section make up this foundation. At the same time, they comprise the form whereby the “Yoga of devotion” is lived and strengthened over time.