The following excerpt is taken from
Avatar Adi Da’s “Source-Text”, Hridaya Rosary:

In order to truly practice the devotional relationship to Me, you must become profoundly sensitized in your feeling. Not only must you become more and more profoundly sensitized to Me, you must also become more sensitized altogether—because, if you are truly sensitive, you are sensitive to everything. Thus, in the process of becoming increasingly sensitized to Me, you also become open and sensitized to the limitations of gross human existence. If you are so sensitized, your heart-need is profound—and, likewise, your heart-Satisfaction is profound when you devotionally recognize Me. Once you have devotionally recognized Me, you would not, if you are truly sensitized, have it be otherwise—you do not want that sensitivity to be diminished or lost. Therefore, you volunteer the body-mind to the Yoga of devotion to Me, the Process of devotional Communion with Me. And that Yoga (or Process), Itself, is a profoundly feeling matter, moment to moment.

Thus, for My devotee who is rightly, truly, and fully entered into the life of devotional Communion with Me, there is profundity in moment to moment existence. . . .

You are here. [Avatar Adi Da holds up one hand.] And I Am here. [Avatar Adi Da holds His other hand opposite the first.] You cannot get from one to the other. You cannot get “outside” yourself in order to get to Me. You cannot cross over whatever there is “in between” the two hands here. You want to work on all of that “in between” and get to the “other end” of it, over to the “Me” Side here. That is the religious “program”, as it is usually conceived.

If you rightly, truly, fully, and fully devotionally recognize Me, everything “in between” vanishes. All of that is inherently without force. In heart-responsive devotional recognition of Me, a spontaneous kriya of the principal faculties occurs, such that they are loosed from the objects to which they are otherwise bound—loosed from the patterns of self-contraction. The faculties turn to Me, and, in that turning, there is tacit devotional recognition of Me, tacit experiential Realization of Me, of Happiness Itself, of My Love-Bliss-Full Condition. That “Locating” of Me opens the body-mind spontaneously. When you have been thus Initiated by Me, it then becomes your responsibility, your sadhana, to continuously Remember Me, to constantly return to this devotional recognition of Me, in which you are Attracted to Me, in which you devotionally respond to Me spontaneously with all the principal faculties.

Right, true, full, and fully devotional practice of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam is a matter of constantly returning to, or (otherwise) remaining in, that devotionally Me-recognizing response to Me, that heart-Communion with Me—always surrendering the body, feeling, attention, every breath, to Me, letting every moment be “conductivity” of Me.

The right, true, full, and fully devotional practice of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam is to constantly be in this asana, this disposition, this devotional heart-Communion with Me, by devotionally recognizing Me and devotionally responding to Me—not by doing something to yourself, but by rightly, truly, fully, and fully devotionally recognizing Me, and allowing the right, true, full, and fully devotional response to Me, allowing the devotional movement of the four principal faculties to Me, moment to moment.

It is not merely that the body-mind should be in this right asana of devotion to Me. Yes, it certainly should be, but it becomes so because of your devotional recognition-response to Me. When you rightly, truly, fully, and fully devotionally recognize Me, you are naturally entered into psycho-physical Communion with Me, you are breathing Me, you are allowing all conditions to Melt down, to not be a problem, to not be a mode of self-contraction. Altogether, Beyond every reach, you Find Me, and you allow everything “in between” you and Me to not be an obstacle, not be an obstruction, not be sought, not be avoided. Rather, you simply feel and allow (and allow yourself to be animated by) this devotionally responsive openness to Me.


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