The Healing Power of
Cooperative Human Community

Only true cooperative (and, necessarily, true religious—or Spiritual) community provides the human functional basis for the continuous testing and schooling of truly human qualities. When people exist outside the sacred domain of cooperative human community, all the forms of anti-social and ego-possessed aberration appear—and (once having appeared) they cannot truly be changed, unless the individual is restored to the intimate domain of sacred cooperative community.

Until the individual is restored to (or, otherwise, rightly and truly established in) sacred cooperative community, the responsibility for “curing” his or her anti-social, or subhuman, or (altogether) egoic aberrations seems to belong to abstract professions and institutions. However, neither the secular “machine” of the abstract State, nor any design of arbitrary social laws and brute police, nor any great “priesthood” of psychiatrists and social workers can do what can be done only by the humanizing influence of right intimate cultural inspirations and expectations within the sacred domain of cooperative human community.

Therefore, devote your inherent political freedom to true religious and cooperative human community. Put your free human energy into the free energizing of truly human things. Righten your life by transcending yourself, and by always subordinating yourself to That (Reality and Truth) which Always Already Includes, and Pervades, and Fills, and Exceeds, and Transcends, and Outshines one, and all, and All.


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