The Gift of Service to Me

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: If you enter into devotional relationship with an Adept, you must enter into the Adept’s service. And when you are receiving the great Gift of Spiritual Transmission from your Guru, your obligation for service is effective twenty-four hours a day. You are under a lifelong obligation, even as the Guru lives always in obligation to his or her devotees. People who do not demonstrate this awareness cannot use the Guru’s Wisdom-Teaching. They become guilty, and they build up residual self-energy through their non-service and their non-surrender. Eventually they stop practicing in relationship to the Guru because they can no longer justify taking his or her Gift of Spiritual Help. Then they just sit around with glazed looks on their faces.

As a practitioner of the Way of Adidam, you are obliged to express your commitment to ego-transcendence in all your relations and under all conditions. And you are obliged to do so constantly. Such service to Me is practice of the Way of Adidam. Such service to Me is participation in the reception of My Grace. Such service to Me is the Real-God-Realizing Way of life.

In the world today, the principle of ego-transcendence and of inherence in the Divine has been lost, destroyed by a materialistic philosophy. In their immaturity, people have remained under the control of the materialistic mind that runs the world and that has abandoned the Law enacted through service.

When you commit yourself to serve, or, really, to love, someone, you find out what the person needs and you provide it. You find out what the person needs. You do not wait until he or she comes to you and tells you. If I have to tell you what I need, then I am your “boss”. If you intuitively know what I need, or if you use common sense to know what I need, or if you come personally to Me and ask what I need, then you are in a real service relationship to Me.

And you find out everything that I need, not just a blanket for My bed, for instance, but all the things that must be done within the institution, the culture, and the community of My devotees. And then you do it. My requirements are not merely personal. They are the requirements for your good. Obviously, certain personal things are needed for My daily living, but if you come to Me and ask Me what I need, ultimately you will find out from Me all the things that must be done so that all human beings can, in due course, live a Divinely Enlightened life. [November 2, 1981]


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