Diet is of fundamental importance to Spiritual practice. Your diet has a profound effect on your overall health, level of energy, general state of well-being, and free attention. Avatar Adi Da has frequently remarked that a good deal of what is troubling individuals—including in the emotional dimension—could be corrected by a change in eating habits.

Previous to His Divine Re-Awakening, Avatar Adi Da Himself experimented with diet and read many books on the subject, with the intention of discovering the most supportive dietary regime for Spiritual practice. During the years of His Teaching Work, He developed this Consideration to its conclusion.

Adi Da Samraj recommends that each of His devotees progressively adapt to and establish his or her personal optimum diet. Such optimum diet should, to the maximum possible degree for each individual, consist of raw foods. The adaptation to the raw diet begins with eliminating toxifying foods, and progresses through a basic vegetarian diet, finally eliminating cooked foods when the body is sufficiently balanced and purified to support a pure and regenerative diet.

Because the dietary practice of Adidam is supportive to the primary practice of the Yoga of devotion, and is not a puritanical or self-suppressive discipline, Avatar Adi Da has also allowed for the occasional use of food and drink in a celebratory manner within the community of His devotees. Members of Adidam have parties together from time to time, at which they may use alcohol or tobacco.

As with any discipline in Adidam, the practice of “right diet” is not intended to fulfill the ego’s search for satisfaction. Avatar Adi Da has Given guidelines for discovering and adapting progressively to right diet, making use of appropriate medical advice, in order for each devotee to find the diet that is optimum for his or her practice of Avatara Bhakti Yoga.


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