1) You progressively develop understanding about your emotional-sexual patterning.

Love Does Not Fail For You When You Are Rejected or Betrayed or Apparently Not Loved. Love Fails For You When You Reject, Betray, and Do Not Love. Therefore, If You Listen To Me, and (Also) If You Hear Me, and (Also) If You See Me—Do Not Stand Off From Relationship.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar

Devotees who practice in an intimate relationship (whether heterosexual or homosexual) are responsible for understanding and transcending patterns of rejection, betrayal, and all tendencies that control or suppress the free expression of love. Sexual taboos are also inspected and gone beyond. Devotees of Avatar Adi Da study relevant areas of His Teachings, and consider them together to serve this process of self-understanding. On the basis of real self-understanding in all these areas and practice of the Yoga of devotion to Adi Da, intimately related devotees become capable of “true intimacy”. For devotees in a relationship, growth to the point of “true intimacy” is a necessary part of preparation for the advanced and ultimate stages of practice in the Way of Adidam.


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