Eleutherian Pan-Communion of Adidam
and the Ruchirasala of Adidam

The Eleutherian Pan-Communion of Adidam

The current name of the body of formal practitioners of Adidam (in all four congregations) is “The Eleutherian Pan-Communion of Adidam”, or simply “The Adidam Pan-Communion”.

“Eleutherian” comes from “Eleutherios”, a reference to Avatar Adi Da Samraj that comes from the Greek word for “Liberator”.

“Pan-Communion” indicates that the body of Avatar Adi Da’s devotees is a gathering (or “Communion”) open to all (“Pan-”) who respond to Him.

The Ruchirasala of Adidam

An organization closely associated with the Adidam Pan-Communion is the Ruchirasala of Adidam, which oversees the cooperative community life of the members of the first and second congregations—by establishing intimate human living arrangements and shared services (such as sacred arts guilds, schools, community businesses, and a health clinic). (Daily participation in the cooperative community of practitioners of Adidam is one of the life-practices embraced by members of the first and second congregations. Members of the third and fourth congregations are not expected to embrace this particular life-practice.)