Sacred Culture and
Cooperative Community

There is no such thing as true religion without community. The sacred community is the necessary theatre wherein true religious responsibilities and activities can take place.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Eleutherios (The Only Truth That Sets The Heart Free)

Avatar Adi Da has said that true religion is necessarily enacted within a sacred and cooperative community of others doing likewise. Thus, Avatar Adi Da’s devotees create cooperative communities around the world in which they can interact with one another daily for the sake of increased concentration in practice and increased invocation of Avatar Adi Da.

As a member of the sacred culture of Adidam, you share your devotional life (meditation and puja) with others daily. Each week you participate in local community meetings, education classes, a regular group of close friends to “consider” your practice of Adidam, and a full day of formal retreat (each Sunday) with other devotees. Devotees serve one another constantly by inspiring one another and by being accountable to one another in their practice.

Most of Adi Da’s devotees live and practice in cooperative households, and, in some regions, in an Ashram, or on a Sanctuary. Thus, they also help one another by sharing food and combining resources, conserving time and money for sacred life.

In some cases, devotees may not be able to live in community, but they are nonetheless embraced by the nearest regional gathering, with which they remain in regular contact through visits, telephone calls, educational materials, and service projects that can be done from a distance.

Many of Avatar Adi Da’s devotees extend the benefits of cooperative community by banding together to establish their own businesses. Often such businesses provide practical services—food, clothing, jewelry, carpentry, building, interior decorating, car repair, health services, and so forth—to other devotees and to the larger local community.


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