Adidam Ruchiradam

Adidam is a name that was spontaneously revealed by Adi Da in 1996. It is simply His name with the addition of “m” (which evokes both the English “I Am” and the primal Sanskrit syllable “Om”). This name communicates that the devotional relationship to Adi Da is the substance and essence of the Way He has Given.

Ruchiradam, based on the Sanskrit word "Ruchira" (meaning "bright" or "radiant"), is a name for the "Perfect" (or most "radical") practice of Adidam. The earlier stages of Adidam are a devotional and Spiritual process that open the body-mind to Avatar Adi Da's Divine Spiritual Transmission. The full Descent of His Spiritual Transmission makes way for the "Perfect Practice", the ultimate Spiritual process that transcends the gross, subtle, and causal levels of reality. Thus, when the foundation is full, one is moved, by Grace, into the uniquely concentrated "Brightening" ordeal of the "Perfect Practice".

Because the "Perfect Practice", or Ruchiradam, is the culmination of the Way of Adidam, the fullest form of reference to Avatar Adi Da's Divine Way is Adidam Ruchiradam.