Adapting to the Minimum-Optimum Diet

As a devotee of Avatar Adi Da, you adapt progressively to a basic vegetarian diet. Initially you give up toxifying substances like caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and all “social” drugs. Next, you eliminate sugar, salt, meat, eggs, dairy products, and processed foods. When you are ready, a juice fast is recommended and monitored by the Radiant Life Clinic (the worldwide organization of Adidam health professionals) or other health professionals. The fast purifies the body of toxins, helps you inspect and release old patterns relative to diet, and allows the body to rebalance and rejuvenate itself. In readapting to food after periods of fasting, you will progressively discover the real dietary needs of your body—the specific foods you should eat, the amount you should eat, and the degree of raw food that is most healthy for you. Thus, you find, over time, your personal “minimum optimum” diet. Finding the right diet is always an individual matter that requires a real experiment on each one’s part.


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