The Peace Law

An Open Letter To The Global Human Family,
Calling For The Universal Establishment of
The Collective Principles of Cooperation and Tolerance

From the Divine World-Teacher,
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj

My beloved every one,

I Offer the Communication in this Letter out of Compassion and Love for all human beings and for the entire world.

This is the moment of truth for humankind. Critical choices must now be made, in order to protect the continued existence of human society and of the Earth itself.

This Letter is a Call to righten the collective moral disposition of humanity, and to establish a truly cooperative global human community on that basis.

In this Message to all, I Call upon the leaders and educators of humankind to actively embrace, and to universally declare and promote, and to actively require the universal real fulfillment of the simplest Law and Measure of humankind, which I have Stated in the form: “Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace”. The acceptance of this Law as a universal discipline is the basis for (progressively) resolving the current plight of humankind.