The Unique Potential of Man Is the Progress of self-Understanding and self-Transcendence

An Essay by The Divine World-Teacher,
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj

It Is Also Notable That, As Mankind Develops Its Abstracted Involvement With (Especially) sex and death To The Degree That most human individuals Tend To live to (and beyond) the Natural reproductive age, human populations Tend To Become Overlarge, Such That The Quality Of ordinary human experience and The Possibility Of Growth Into (and Through) The Advanced and The Ultimate Stages Of Life Become Either Threatened Or Really Diminished. This Indicates That, As human populations Acquire The Capability For longevity, they Must Control human reproduction, and they Must Also Become Informed and Guided By The Wisdom-Culture Of Superior (or, Really, Divine) Understanding and Purpose—or Else human beings Will Tend, In The Likeness Of non-human beings, To Continue To reproduce Excessively and To Remain Devoted (In The instinctive or Unconscious Manner) To self-Survival (Rather Than To self-Transcendence) and To Effort and Seeking Merely For The Sake Of The Survival Of the organism itself (Rather Than To Devotional Surrender Of the body-mind To The Great Reality, and To The Purpose Of self-Transcendence).

When human populations Achieve The Capability For individual longevity, they Must Control or Transcend The instinctual reproductive Strategies Of Excess—Because Those Strategies Work (or Produce An Ecologically Balanced Result) Only If The Rate Of early-life deaths Is Relatively Large. Likewise, As human beings Acquire longer lifespans, they Must Realize The Superior (or ego-Transcending) Purpose Of conditional Existence, and they Must (By Means Of My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Grace) Be Moved and Grown To Demonstrate That Purpose In The Context Of The Advanced and The Ultimate Stages Of Life—or Else conditional Existence Will Be Devoted To sub-human and egoic Survival games and The petty territorial (or political and social) Conquests That Come From The Increase Of experience and knowledge and power In The lower human Context Of The First Three Stages Of Life (Untouched By The Great Purpose, and Untouched By The Culture, The Balancing Effect, and The Great Process Of Awakening Associated With self-Transcendence In The Context Of The Advanced and The Ultimate Stages Of Life).

Therefore, As human groups increase in size (because of the longevity of individuals), death itself Must Be Really Understood and Transcended—In Consciousness, and (Progressively) In The Context Of The Advanced and The Ultimate Stages Of Life. Likewise, merely reproductive sexuality Must Be Controlled (or Economized), In both its performance and its effects, By various Intelligent (and Heart-Sensitive, and Compassionate) techniques—and sexuality itself Must Be (Progressively) Converted (and Positively Changed) By Heart-Sensitive, and Love-Based, and energy-Conserving, and Rejuvenative, and (Eventually) Spiritually Active and Spiritually Effective emotional-sexual Practice.