Avatar Adi Da's Own Word on the
Significance of His Passing

An Index to All the
Quotations in this Series

  1. I Will Always Be Present (1995)
  2. This Bodily Lifetime-Form Will Eventually Be Outshined (2008)
  3. I Function in a Manner That Is Beyond Human Visibility (2004)
  4. My Passing Is Not The Ending of Anything (1976)
  5. I Do The Source-Work (2008)
  6. I (Myself) Am Prior To and Beyond All conditional Realms
  7. You Are Always Able To Enter Into Communion With Me (1976)
  8. I Am Utterly Above and Beyond
  9. When The God-Man Is Bodily Gone (1976)
  10. I Am Not In The Body (2004)
  11. I Cannot Separate From The Conditional Domain (1995)
  12. I Bring The Gifts — You Must Respond (1994)
  13. I Am The One Without Limit In Time-and-Space (1995)