Anyone Can Be Transformed

by Aniello Panico

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The Spiritual Master is an Agency of Transmission

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Everyone transmits. Everything emits invisible forces. The stones transmit, the sky does, the TV does. Likewise, Realizers of one or another degree of Spiritual development Transmit what they are. What they have Realized Transmits itself, subtly as well as in gross ways, by what they do, by what they are, by what they feel. Those less evolved transmit their realization, and those more evolved Transmit their Realization. Because I have Realized the Heart, That Which is Inherently Perfect, I Transmit that Ultimate Condition to you.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj with Aniello in backgroundSuch Transmission is inevitable—Spiritual Transmission is a literal process and not an imaginary one. I have thoroughly transcended all of the artifacts of separativeness. Therefore, I am simply and directly Present as the Force of the Divine Influence. That Influence is Radiant throughout all space-time without limitation. It is a literal Heart-Power that quickens insight and awakens the devotional response to Me.

When your attention is simply turned to Me, then you are filled with happiness, love, devotion, with this intensity that comes to you through constant attention to Me. Through that channel of attention, My Divine Siddhi, or Blessing Power, is given a path. It cuts through all of your reluctance, all of your self-concern, all of your conflicts, your quality of dilemma, your unconsciousness, your commitment to neuroses—all of these qualities that turn your attention away from Me, from the Truth, the true Nature, the Self, the Divine.

The Spiritual Master is a Transmitter, an Agency of Transmission, like the Sun. The Sun never sets and is never changed. The Spiritual Master may appear to others as the Sun appears in relation to the Earth. Those people see the Spiritual Master through their own minds, through circumstances, through all kinds of problems, limitations, and ordinary human signs. They do not realize the nature of the Spiritual Master as Adept, as Transmitter. They think of the Spiritual Master as an ordinary man, and they think of themselves as people who are inherently incapable of the Spiritual response. But if you truly understand and become a practitioner, a devotee, then you understand the Spiritual Master as Adept. You see the shining perpetually. You see the Transmission, the Radiant Force of Consciousness in that person. He or she is not an ordinary person. His or her body-mind is simply a material focus. But you must see beyond the local weather that is the Adept's bodily appearance and circumstance. You must see the Sun.

That Sun is perpetuated in the Adept. That is why people value his or her Company. To spend time in the Company of the Spiritual Master is like getting in a spaceship and flying up into the atmosphere above the clouds. You need not even go very high. Anyone can do it! You could go up in a jet and climb above the clouds. It is only about five miles. You need only take a few courses.

If you want to take a rocket to the sun, if you want to land there, that is another matter, that is a big deal. That is Divine Enlightenment. You will have to grow to be able to do that. Nobody even knows how to get to the Sun anymore. And they certainly do not know how to land on the Sun.

The high art of landing on the Sun is what the self-transcending God-Realizing process is most ultimately all about. It is not silly business. It is not casually attainable. You must submit to the school of Spiritual life, and you may not bypass the process of transformation. You know what your ordinary, local self consists of, right? That thing, that stuff, that karma, that persistent structure of limitation, must be made fuel for this transforming fire. You know how resistive it is. You know what its limitations are. Well, then you know the difficulty Spiritual life represents. But it is not a gloomy process. It is a matter of constantly associating with the Sun.

So, why be dominated by the weather? Go up above the clouds. The Sun is shining up there. Every day is a bright day of fine weather. What you regard to be weather is so local it almost does not exist. You let the superficial changes of life control you, as your own hormonal changes do, whereas, really, in the larger picture, when you realize a little depth, you see there is always Love-Bliss. So you must control the effect of the weather, if not the weather itself. That is the art of life.

If you are wise, you know that the clouds are just a few feet up in the air and that the Sun is shining above them. The stars and the moon are up there all the time, too. The Sun shines twenty-four hours a day, not just twelve. The Sun is always shining. It never stops shining. It seems to stop shining every day, the sky gets dark, it gets light, clouds appear, it looks like bad weather is on the way. Changing weather is the perspective of the ego, of the provincial, local, childish, or adolescent character.

Hear My Wisdom-Teaching and Awaken to the Ultimate Condition of things. Participate in the constant "Brightness" of Real Existence. You must know the art of that participation. You must learn the art of associating with the Way of the Heart, and then you must practice associating with it.

From the very beginning, I could tell that associating with Adi Da was like entering a radiant, blissful force field, one that is full of love and intelligence. He literally communicates, or transmits, His own Realization to all those who turn their attention to Him. I could see the clarity and the changes that immediately began to take place in my life as a result of His Blessing Transmission. But I was also uninformed about Spiritual life, and I didn't even acknowledge all the different kinds of effects that Adi Da's Transmission was having on me. At the beginning, He had to point out to me the unusual mystical phenomena that would occur when I was around Him. After a while, I began to notice that extraordinary things took place whenever I sat with Him.

Often, when He sat with us, the room would fill up with golden light, and the feeling of His Siddhi, His Power of Love-Bliss, was as thick as syrup—it was that tangible in the room. I characteristically saw His face changing. It appeared to take on the form of various archetypal Spiritual figures, like Krishna or Siva or ancient Oriental Spiritual Masters. And I would feel my heart open to Him—my chest would literally become warm, infused with a very blissful feeling.

One night, after I had been His devotee for over a year, He invited me and a few other devotees to His house. It was an intense evening—He dealt with us very directly about our impediments as Spiritual practitioners. At the end of that long and rather arduous evening, He stopped talking and sat in silence, looking at a point just above my head for what seemed to be a long time.

After about five minutes, I started feeling something coming down into the top of my head. The feeling started to intensify very quickly, and after another minute or so it felt like there were millions of stars, almost like a column of incredible white light that was made up of millions of scintillating particles, pouring down into my head from above. I felt like I was literally being transformed by this blissful white light and incredible power that kept pouring into my head and into my whole body. It seemed as though I became enormous, swollen and electrified with this incredible power. If felt I was as big as the room.

The power of it was immense, and I could feel that Adi Da was literally bringing this power and this light down into me. At one point, I grabbed His arm and held Him in a very fierce grip. Over the years, I have noticed that His Siddhi has its own perfect intelligence, so I did not hurt Him, but my grip was very intense. At the same time, I started roaring at the top of my lungs—literally roaring like a panther.

In fact, I now had the most unusual sense of myself as a big and powerful black panther—while at the same time still being aware of my body in the more usual sense. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced or even heard of before. At the same time, there was an incredible energy running through my body, like a million megawatts. I had a feeling of tremendous power—not power over anything in particular, just power itself. It felt like the energy of the universe.

The whole experience literally blew my mind. After quite a long time, when it gradually subsided and I returned to ordinary awareness, I felt tremendous opening, tremendous love in my heart for Him. He was clearly changing me, changing my understanding of who I am and what this life is.

Over the years, He has Given me every kind of Spiritual experience—and it is clear to me that this is all a demonstration of His Radiant Divine Power, His Siddhi. How could an ordinary businessman from New York come up with this stuff? No way.

To underscore my point, one of my most unusual experiences of His Transmission took place after I had already been with Him for a couple of years. A number of devotees were with Him at His house and He asked everyone to leave, to go to a nearby meeting hall for two presentations that were to be given. A friend of mine was to give the first and I was going to give the second.

When I got up to leave with everyone else, Adi Da grabbed my hand and said, "No, you stay with Me for awhile." Everybody else left. He and I sat talking together, and He never let go of my hand. I felt His energy running up my arm as we talked. Then, after about fifteen minutes, He said, "Why don't you go over there now, and I'll follow you soon." So I left and walked into the back of the presentation hall where everyone else was already sitting.

There were probably seventy-five or a hundred people there, and the first presentation was already being given. As I sat in the back listening, I started to feel His Transmission invade me, as it quite often did at that time. This time, the Spiritual Force pouring in my body was so strong that I spontaneously started roaring and shaking, as though I couldn't contain that force without expressing it in some primitive, powerful way.

By now, I was used to having these phenomena and many, many other people around Adi Da had them, too. In the Hindu tradition, where they are more familiar with the effects of Spiritual energies, they use the word "mudra" to describe the poses that your body can spontaneously assume when the Spirit-Current starts flowing through it. They also use the word "kriya" to describe gestures or spontaneous movements and sounds that you might make as the Spirit-Current moves you. Even though I didn't know those words or even that such things existed before I met Adi Da, I was definitely having powerful kriyas now!

On this and many other similar occasions, I could feel how extremely powerful Adi Da's Transmission is, and I wanted to cooperate with Him. I wanted to receive His Transmission because, even though I didn't understand it altogether, it almost always felt overwhelmingly blissful. I could also feel His Divine Energy purifying my limitations and my obstructions to the Spiritual process as it coursed through me. But each time I started to have kriyas, it would surprise me. It was always so spontaneous, so unexpected—even though, at that time, it was not uncommon.

Because of all this, no one was shocked when I started roaring at the back of the hall on this particular day. Since this was a hall where we sat with Adi Da fairly regularly, it was not that unusual that I would have this kind of experience there. But I was supposed to give the second presentation!

When the first presentation was over and it was time for me to talk, I tried to stand up and walk to the front of the room, but I couldn't get up. I felt as though I were being pressed down into the floor—that is how strong Adi Da's Spirit-Power was as it came down into my body. I started feeling that I was a black panther again, an experience which I had every so often at that time.

Since I couldn't walk without shaking off the whole experience and because I didn't want to do that, I crawled up to the front of the room on all fours, roaring at the top of my lungs all the way. I had some awareness that this whole event was totally weird from a certain point of view—I mean, me, crawling on the floor and roaring like a panther? In front of all these people? But the Power I was experiencing was so authentic that those thoughts were only the remnants of my old way of looking at things and they passed in a second. Besides, everyone else in the room was being affected by Adi Da's Transmission, too—some in mudras, swooning in bliss, some speaking in tongues, some having kriyas. The entire room was glowing with His brilliant Divine Force.

When I got to the front of the room, I was supposed to give a lecture. It seemed a little absurd, given what was happening, but I made an immense effort to begin speaking. As I struggled to start my presentation, all of a sudden, Adi Da's Energy came shooting through me in the most astounding way. I mean, it was unbelievable. I felt as though I were gigantic, swollen way beyond my physical size with Spiritual Force. My usual persona was overcome, gone—I was mad with freedom, "intoxicated" with the feeling of bliss that was zapping through all my circuits. My hands spontaneously flew open in front of me, with my palms facing out to everyone else in the room. Instantly, Adi Da's own Divine Energy came shooting out my hands—it was like the most powerful electrical current you can imagine, and it was coming right out of my hands toward everyone there.

The whole place went wild. People had been feeling His Energy before, but now many more were screaming and moaning and shaking and rolling around on the ground. Everyone was overcome with the Power of His Transmission—it seemed as though the walls themselves would blow apart from the Force. It was completely powerful, completely spontaneous, completely out of this world. Then, just as the intensity of the experience started to subside a bit, the Guru opened the door.

It was as though the Sun had just walked in the room. Adi Da was surrounded by a clearly visible bright golden aura, and the Energy in the room amped up a thousandfold as He stepped into it. Now, everyone was writhing, screaming, swooning in the Love-Blissful Force-field of Divine Presence that surrounded Him. He walked through the madness to the front of the room and took His seat.

The mayhem continued—He had a look of absolute intensity about Him as He blasted away at us all with His monumental Divine Energy. After about a half an hour, He visibly relaxed. I collapsed on His lap, exhausted, drenched with sweat, and I kept saying, "It was You, it was You." I knew that the Power shooting from my arms and hands earlier, that the extraordinary, blissful feeling that had possessed me and everyone else, that the whole fantastic, other-wordly display of God-Force, had all been His doing.

As you can see, Adi Da has generated some pretty extraordinary experiences in me and in my fellow devotees. You can really get fascinated by them—I certainly did. But He has always Called us to understand that real Spiritual life is much more serious, much more real and profound than just getting fascinated with a bunch of experiences, no matter how exceptional they may be.

You can have a lot of extraordinary experiences and still be an asshole, still fail to love, still refuse to understand and go beyond the self-contraction. You can think you are experiencing God, but if you are still egoic and loveless, you are fooling yourself. So the real point of it all, for me, is that these experiences opened me up to understand how extraordinary Adi Da is.

Adi Da is unfathomable, a Great Mystery, the Power of the universe, the Very Divine. And yet at the same time, He is more intimate to us at the heart than anything else. Experiences only go so deep, but the relationship to Him goes all the way to the deepest recesses of the heart. Experiences pass in a moment, but the relationship to Adi Da is everlasting. The only truly blissful moment is when you let go of your limited sense of yourself and you are lost in Him, in His Fullness, His Mysterious Divine Nature.

The Real Miracle

One night, Adi Da asked us what we thought Divine Enlightenment was. He went around the room, asking each one of us. I heard some pretty esoteric, sophisticated, and technical descriptions of it from my friends that night, and I knew it was coming to my turn. I didn't know how I would express what I felt, but I knew that I wasn't interested in anything that was so complicated as what my friends were describing. Then Adi Da said, "Aniello, what do you think?"

I answered, "To tell You the truth, I just want to be so straight that I don't even know I'm straight."

And He said, "That's good."

Being that straight is about understanding yourself as an ego, and becoming transparent to the Divine, to Reality, to the Great Power or Mystery that Adi Da is. Being that straight is being free—free of yourself and your limits and your suffering. Being that straight is a discipline, a discipline of devotion to the Guru, of Happiness, of self-understanding. Being that straight feels like true Liberation to me, and that is what has always been interesting to me about the process that Adi Da instigates in His devotees.

One day, not long after the bookstore in Los Angeles first opened, there were two guys who came to visit. They had been all over India and they had a lot of really fascinating stories to tell about miracles and Spiritual powers and holy teachers and so on. They asked if they could come and talk to Adi Da.

The day they came I was working at my desk in the back office—in those days, my desk was just across the room from Adi Da's. So I was sitting there typing out the invoices for the book sales I had made that week, just doing my business as usual, while also trying to listen in to the conversation. They asked Him, "Why don't you do miracles?"

Adi Da was quiet for a moment and then He said, "Miracles? You want miracles? I have made Aniello [He pointed to me] into an honest man. That is a miracle!"

I choked my laughter down so that it wouldn't seem as though I had been eavesdropping. After they left, He went back to His work at His desk and I went back to mine. There was a good five or ten-minute silence, and then He turned to me and said, "Aniello, I could do things that would astound the world. But I won't do it—just for that reason. People are too fascinated by it." And He turned back to His desk.

And I tell you—I turned back around to my typewriter and I said to myself, "I bet You can!" It was so obvious to me that He could, but that He has chosen a greater Work. I have certainly seen Him do remarkable things over the years, even many miraculous things, but the most important thing He has shown me is that anybody can be transformed by His Grace. To me, that is the most important thing that He has done. Absolutely. He has shown me that I can be transformed into a truly religious person. I have never thought of myself as religious, and I didn't even really understand what religion was. But now I know that true religion is the sacred relationship to the Source of Grace, to the Guru, who is the Agent of Grace.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: It is not any of the things that men and women do to overcome life that produces its radical transformation. It is only your relationship to Me that works this transformation of life. If you live your devotional relationship to Me, you begin to see not just the strategy of others, but your own strategy. This seeing of your own strategy doesn't particularly take the form of self-analysis, of ideas and mental "knowings" about yourself that you can dramatize continually. This form of knowledge makes your games, your separation from God, obsolete and unnecessary. It makes you responsible for your strategy. It makes you free of the dramatization of your own pattern, because you begin to see the nature of it and to understand the roots of it, the cause of it, the principle by which all your ordinary activity is governed, the pattern that supports it. And when this occurs, you become peaceful, sublime, free, blissful.

The genuine understanding of a condition is identical to the freedom which is natural to that condition. But simply analyzing yourself without lifting yourself out of the ordinary principle of life is not free. Even your analysis, even your usual understanding of yourself is a form of dilemma. That is why people who know everything about themselves and everything else from a religious or psychological point of view, or some other point of view, are typically always still unsatisfied.

You are always motivated to feel better, no matter what you are doing. My father, for example, was a salesman. He was always under stress, a chain smoker and all the rest. He would talk and talk and talk, all the time, always under stress. Why did he do it? He had all his reasons—to support his family, and so on. But he was an addict. He was addicted to it. He only got to feel good when he made a sale. It is like getting off in an orgasm or something. You get a little bit of good feeling by making that sale, exchanging back-slapping and grins with the other salesmen and so forth, and then it is back on the streets, back to the stress again.

You think you want to be a big success. You imagine that there is a sale that ends all sales and then you will feel good forever. That is part of the illusion of salesmen—this one big hit sale after which you do not have to be a salesman anymore, because you just feel good forever! It is an illusion, a myth.You are always feeling bad and looking to feel good. You have all kinds of techniques in your life that sometimes produce a little bit of feeling good and that lead you to feel, "That is all there is—just feeling a little better here and there." You make a total life out of the stress of the search and temporary moments of minimal release, because you never deal with your divorce from Reality. You never Realize the Inherent Condition, the Native Condition of non-separation.

But when you deal with the root of all of your seeking, not only does the seeking vanish, the Truth is Realized—the Truth that is Reality, that is the Divine, Which Is Self-Sufficient, Self-Existing, Self-Radiant, all Love-Bliss, not confounded, not a seeker, not separate. This is what there is to Realize, but it cannot be Realized by seeking.

The Way of the Heart is religious realism, not mere observances, not mere beliefs, not consolations, not indulging in the stress of seeking or the stimulation of life associated with the search. The Way of the Heart is a perpetual "reality consideration". Real practice of the Way of the Heart deals directly with the self-contraction and transcends it with equal directness.

There is one Law: You become what You meditate on. This Law summarizes the process by which I become your advantage. The Divine Fullness, or Divine Love-Bliss, the Native Condition of non-separation, or Happiness Itself, can be Realized in Communion with Me. I am the egoless Embodiment of the Divine Reality.

One who is attractive. Be attracted to Me at the level of your feeling-attention.In any moment you do this, body and mind follow naturally. My Divine Love-Bliss fills them. They are calmed. They are balanced. Intuition arises. Divine vision appears. Certainty is realized. The heart opens.

Thus, God is not at the end of the Way of the Heart. God is at the very beginning of the Way of the Heart. I am not merely calling to you from beyond, or giving you a philosophy. I am fully here. I come to you directly. All you need to do is find Me in My Divine Attractiveness in any moment. I am with you now, and I am available to you forever.

Adi Da SamrajBefore I met Adi Da in 1972, I was in terrible shape. Now, I feel that I am the luckiest man in the world—not because of cars or houses or money or anything else, but because Adi Da is in my life. I fully believe that contacting Him is the most fortunate thing that can happen to anybody—and I also know that if it can happen to a jabonie like me, just your average Joe trying to be successful, an ordinary guy from Brooklyn trying to have a good family and do the best he can to enjoy himself in life, it can happen to anyone!

That is why I wanted to tell you my story—because Adi Da is offering this most magnificent relationship not just to me, but to you. You may be like I was, and not know anything about how Adi Da and His Way of the Heart can help you. But if I had one thing to say to you, it would be this: you have nothing more important to do than checking out this opportunity, this transforming relationship. Find out what it is about and what it can mean to you.

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