1997: Love, Radiance is Always Already the Case

Adi Da Samraj, 1997

Love, Radiance, is not the other side of the coin from non-love—It is Always Already the Case. It's the Heart. It's Me.

When you reach beyond yourself to Me, then you open a doorway to Me, to enter into Communion with Me, and also to allow Me to Circulate in your sphere Spiritually. And that is Transfiguring. I am here to enter into that mode of profundity in relation to Me that Transfigures your existence in Love-Bliss, and, ultimately, Divinely Translates you into the Love-Bliss-Domain, Where there is none of this "death and separation" stuff that you go in for down here.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
February 28, 1997

 Associated Publication: Hridaya Rosary

Hridaya Rosary (Four Thorns Of Heart-Instruction): The ultimate Mysteries of Spiritual life. In breathtakingly beautiful poetry, Avatar Adi Da Samraj sings of the "melting" of the ego in His "Rose Garden of the Heart".

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