1995: Reality Is Not What You Think

Adi Da Samraj, 1995

There's nothing wrong with the cosmos. It is not separate from the Divine Domain. It is not separate from Me. This is what I am Revealing to you. But if you start asking questions about the Cosmic domain which are based on the presumption of separation, you are already under an illusion, so you want to blame the universe and God for your suffering. But the suffering didn't come from there. It comes from you.

All the fishes in the sea are in process—ultimately, like trash. And you, too. But, in the condition of Ecstasy, of absolute Trust, without differentiation, in the Samadhi of Divine Self-Realization, it is all allowable. It is all a Grand Display, a Play in Ecstasy. A Great Gift, to be in Infinite Play.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
April 22, 1995
"Reality Is Not What You Think"

 Associated Publication: Reality Is Not What You Think

Reality Is Not What You Think: In this Talk, Avatar Adi Da speaks about the limited nature of the "reality" we commonly presume and how to go beyond this presumption.

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